Born from Nature
In order to guarantee top-quality products, Wicanders works with certified factories on various continents, adopting a sourcing strategy that turns possible the use of specific technologies, suited to the distinct characteristics of each individual wood species. This strategy enables us to offer unique products, while contributing to the economic development of problematic regions. This process is monitored by an Amorim committee of experts who ensure compliance with Wicanders parameters.

Inspired by Nature
Mother Nature offers us perfection in the form of precious wood, which Wicanders selects and transforms into exclusive flooring so that your everyday surroundings give you the calm and comfort of the purest emotions.

Easy to install
The innovative Loc&Fold glueless locking systems make your installation easy and almost instantaneous. The majority of the items were designed for this floating type of use with no need for glues, unpleasant smells or complex assembly.

Enduring Beauty
Composed of three or multi-layer top quality technology structure, based on solid wood, Wicanders Parquet is very resistant and durable due to breakthrough manufacturing solutions that define this innovative concept. Its sturdiness is immediately felt, accentuating the charisma and comfort of your space for years to come.